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Old Ways Wedding Ceremonies

A wedding ceremony by Old Ways is one that is built around your love story as a couple and plays up all of the ways your relationship is unique. It will tap into emotions that make you and your loving guests laugh and shed a tear as you share moments that got you to where you are and dreams of where you see yourself after reaching this milestone.

When I meet my couples for the first time and ask them to tell me something they know they want to include in their ceremony or something they absolutely do not want, the most common answer I receive is:

"We just want it to be short and sweet."

What I hear when couples say this is one of two things. Either they haven't thought it through because they don't want it to be like other wedding ceremonies they have been to. Or, they have focused on how everything will look at the ceremony and the details of the reception (basically a party) because that is the most familiar aspect of a wedding.

I get it, we have all been given ample situations in our lives to plan parties, the food and music and theme. We are far less familiar with what ceremony and ritual can look like outside of a religious context. It does take a certain someone to understand how to create a ceremony. I am that someone! You found me!

wedding couple and officiant stand under st johns bridge in cathedral park portland oregon for elopement. bride's bouquet sits at her feet
Reserve Your Date


Contact me early to confirm availability and plan ahead because certain times of the year book up more quickly than others. Additionally, the majority of couples I meet have not thought about what they want and do not want for their ceremony at the time I first speak with them. Wouldn't you like to have your ceremony portion of the day thought through and planned out before you start speaking to other vendors? To hold a date for you, I will need to have a signed agreement and a deposit.



Custom ceremony - $1125

A custom created ceremony, unlimited email edits or email and phone consultation, officiation of the marriage, timely filing of the marriage license in compliance with Oregon law. I coordinate with other vendors as soon as possible and always arrive an hour before the ceremony to check in with everyone and provide a grounding presence. 

Rehearsal Facilitation - $100

The time of the rehearsal must be coordinated. Rehearsal times that are not booked in advance cannot be guaranteed. Changes to the date and time must be mutually agreed upon in advance. Old Ways Ceremonies will work in good faith to coordinate a date and time that is mutually acceptable and to be available for your rehearsal, but changes to rehearsal schedules are not guaranteed to be accommodated by Old Ways Ceremonies. Please contact Old Ways Ceremonies before planning or booking or changing the time and date of your rehearsal.

A Unique Officiant


I'm not a regular minister, I'm a cool minister. Any Mean Girls fans? Anyone? Moving on. It is important to keep in mind that I am not a religious minister who will be working your ceremony into the dogma of my beliefs. I am not a judge who will provide the only basic civil ceremony. And I am not that friend of yours who offered to get ordained as a gift to you, though guests may comment that they believe I have known you for years. Most couples are looking for someone who strikes a balance somewhere in between these officiant types. That somewhere in between is where I work.

I am trained in storytelling, world cultures and religions, and symbolism. I nerd out on these topics and am always learning. My goal is to tell your love story. You will have approval of that story before anyone hears it and you can rest assured that they WILL hear it in my clear, professional voice.

Leave the details to me. I will coordinate with your other vendors to make sure music cues are spot on and that photographers know where to capture the perfect shot even if you are incorporating non-traditional elements into your ceremony. I will happily work with venue contacts to explain why you might need a certain set up for your special ceremony.

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