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About Old Ways Ceremonies


The old ways are about the rediscovery of ceremonies or rituals or anything overlooked by the modern world. They are about an experience which offers direct and personal revelation to those who are participating in the work of the ceremony.


We all know deep down what is meaningful to us. You do not need some external source to tell you what will make your ceremony special. When you turn to the old ways for guidance and look inward at your truth, you will have the meaningful experience you are looking for.


Old Ways Ceremonies can be your guide, can tell your story, and can help you create the perfect ceremony for you.

About Me


My name is Zach Michaud. I grew up in Central Maine, called Portland, Oregon my home since 2006, but I'm back, baby! I recently moved my life back to Maine and am currently based just outside of the ORIGINAL Portland.


I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, which gave me academic challenges and brought me much financial success and stability that I was seeking back then. But, after looking back at some of my own old ways, I remembered that I have been a storyteller from a young age and even won a few awards for doing it. I also love creating magical moments with groups of people, of which only the memories and emotions will last. That is true in my theater background and also in my work with the Radical Faeries.

The Radical Faeries are a group of gay men who have reminded me of the history of queer people as storytellers, story keepers, wise ones, medicine people, shamans, and those who toy with the concept of gender. These are important things to remember for a group of people who, in modern times, have been cast out of their spiritual communities, families, and cultures. We have had to fight to heal ourselves when the rest of the world started to forget our humanity.

Looking back at this history, it felt right that I should explore creating and holding ceremony for people. Taking the weddings course through the Celebrant Foundation & Institute was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

wedding officiant wearing a black suit with a gold brooch and glasses holds ceremnony binder and laughs before a ceremony on the Willamette river with Marquam bridge in background

Photo by Jamie Carle

About You


You value your ceremony and want it to be deeply meaningful.

You might be spiritual-not-religious, or trying to blend multiple faiths into your ceremony as you blend your families together.

You might be a humanist or atheist.

You are getting creative and thinking outside the box to find exactly what you are looking for.

You call Maine or New England home, or you simply HAVE to get married here and are planning a destination wedding.

You are getting married or renewing your vows to mark an important life milestone with the person you love and are committed to.

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