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Zachary Michaud, Wedding Officiant and Celebrant, Southern Maine

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Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant badge for Zachary Michaud at Old Ways Ceremonies in Portland, Oregon

As a graduate of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute and a non-denominational minister, I am qualified to create and perform your custom wedding ceremony. I started my business in Northwest Oregon, but I have changed Portlands this year back to my home state of Maine, I'm based in southern Maine, just outside of Portland, but I would be happy to travel to your ceremony, wherever it may be!


Heart-centered, engaging, meaningful, and memorable are all of the qualities that you deserve for your wedding ceremony. Throw in sparkles, laughter and tears of joy and you can guess I had something to do with it. From witchy and woo to solemn and sacred, I know my way around symbolism, world cultures and religion well enough to match your personalities, unique relationship and personal tastes to the types of ritual elements and storytelling structures that move you and your guests.


I enjoy the comfort and connection of traditions and, as a member of the LGBTQ community, I am accustomed to altering them to resonate more with my unique viewpoint. Whatever your viewpoint or background, I am excited to co-create a ceremony with you that will be uniquely yours. Multicultural, elopements, anniversaries, destination weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, whatever you imagine, I can bring it to life for you. Please contact me for a free, no obligation, consultation.

Telling Your Story

It is important that you tell your story.  To recognize your own growth, to be seen and accepted by your community, to officially incorporate a change into your life.  There are so many reasons.  Who will do that best?  I humbly offer myself for your consideration.

I am trained in storytelling, world cultures and religions, and symbolism. I am completely comfortable in front of large crowds and have the vocal training to be clearly heard and understood, no matter the setting. Getting to know my engaged couples through the process of writing their ceremonies gives me so much joy. And I love when their guests ask me how long I have known the couple, or that I brought their relationship to life in a way they had never witnessed before.

Your ceremony can be so much more than reciting familiar vows with a hollow ring exchange. If you are up for more than just going through the motions, more than rehearsing the choreography of a ceremony that does not resonate with you, check out my Contact page!

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